About the artist


As a master of the brush, Phillip's work defies categorization. His art is a celebration of life, bursting with vibrant colors and bold lines that capture the imagination of art lovers everywhere. Known for his playful style and captivating shapes, Phillip's paintings are a testament to his unique vision and creative spirit.

Growing up in a small seaside town in Mid Wales, Phillip's love for the ocean is evident in his work. Whether he's capturing the essence of a country boreen or the spirit of surfing culture, his eyes are always searching for the next inspiration to turn into a masterpiece.

Phillip's talent and passion for art have earned him recognition from prestigious publications like The New York Times and The BBC. With an Honours degree from Central St Martins College of Art in London, he was awarded Young Talent of the Year by Elle Magazine and judged by Sir Peter Blake, the pop artist behind the iconic Beatles album cover.

As an illustrator, Phillip honed his unique style, which has now become his hallmark. With each stroke of the brush, he continues to push the boundaries of his work, driven by his engagement with his environment and life experiences.

For over two decades, Phillip has called Lahinch, Co Clare, Ireland, home. The Morrison Gallery is where he paints and showcases his work, providing visitors with a glimpse into his creative process. In addition to his original paintings, Phillip produces fine art giclee prints that are shipped worldwide. He welcomes commissions and feedback, always striving to create compelling art that resonates with his audience.

Phillip's art is a reflection of his spirit- full of humor, optimism, and intensely personal. He captures the essence of the places he paints, celebrating the beauty of life and the world around us. With his work, Phillip has cemented his place in the art world, leaving a lasting impression on all who experience it

Bernadette with Maddie the donkey having tea 

Madcdie comes to tea